Hello and welcome to The Happy House Project! I’m Maria, a full-time Accountant by day, rescue pet Mom and wife. I’m also a DIY enthusiast, renovator, and master mess maker by night.

I started this blog in 2015 as a way to document both the small and large transformations in our house.

I love a good before and after, the smell of fresh paint and the thrill of making something for 1/20th the cost of buying it! We have too many pets (according to my husband): two rescue mutts named Cannoli and Niki Lauda, and two cats, Faust and Captain Crunch.

We are a real-life family with a real-life budget and real-life jobs. Sometimes it takes us months longer than we planned to finish projects because we just get tired and need a break. We work at nights and on weekends or whenever we can find the time. If slow and steady wins the race, we are poised to win the marathon!

My motto is “This is DIY, not the DIY Network”. (Don’t steal that.)

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