Our House

We purchased our house in April of 2014. We wanted a lot of space and privacy for my expanding collection of homeless cats (you think I’m kidding but I’m not). As we soon learned, older homes have a lot of problems charm and character so some days are definitely more of an “adventure” than others. In our first 6 months we dealt with flooding (water coming through the walls!), frozen pipes, appliances that gave out (every single one), an electrical fire and many other not-so-serious surprises.

Our House

Our house/backyard sits on 1 acre and our parcel also included a .3 acre lot next to us. When we pulled up to this 1970’s contemporary gem, it was love at first sight. Except for the outdated features, it was everything we wanted in a home. It is about 3,500 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

The outside is pretty much in “maintenance mode”- it’s good enough to be only mildy embarrassing most days. The landscaping still needs a little help, we need some tree trimming/removal and the beams lining the driveway are always lifting, but we just have too many things inside we need to work on before we drop the money for those improvements.

The Foyer


I painted the walls Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey, used gel stain on the railing and replaced the runner with a brighter one from Dash and Albert. We currently have no plans to remove the wallpaper since it adds a lot of charm to the foyer and isn’t in terrible shape (but really John won’t let me touch it until actual important updates in other rooms get done).

foyer after

foyer currently

foyer currently

Foyer from Upstairs

foyer from upstairs

The mid-century light fixture has been tucked away for the present, and we made room for my great-grandmothers vintage crystal chandelier.

Foyer from upstairs now

Living Room


More photos coming!

Dining Room


Dining room updates can be found here. So far we have painted the walls, updated light fixtures and added window treatments. This room is done until we get new flooring (and I sold those Craigslist chairs).

dining room update


Kitchen Before

Stove before

Currently, we are in the middle of almost done a kitchen renovation. You can read about the pre-blog kitchen updates, how we chose quartz countertopsinstalled the subway tile backsplash, grouted and finished the backsplashinstalled the open shelving, painted the pantry doors and installed the range hood. We still have a lot to do like trim and paint the peninsula to match the cabinets and get new flooring installed. Like how casually I threw that one in there? Oh and also, rip up the kitchen for a second time lolz jk, but really. 

Kitchen Currently

stove now

The Kitchen Nook

kitchen nook before collage

In this room we removed wallpaper, painted the walls Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey, replaced the bi-fold doors to the coat closet with french doors (tutorial coming soon!) and added some striped curtains from Target. By adding a 12″ overhang the counter (read about it here) we now have a functional breakfast bar with some barstools I bought off Craigslist. The closet doors are now painted to match the pantry doors but I don’t have an updated picture yet.

kitchen nook collage

 The Laundry Room


So far we have replaced the washer/dryer, took down the (laughably flimsy) wire racks and replaced them with a sturdy metal rack, patched some holes and changed the lighting.This room will eventually get a full overhaul (I’m planning it now!), including new flooring. The flooring in this room ALWAYS looks dirty. I had just mopped with bleach in the below picture. It’s fine for now since this is where we feed all the pets and also baby gate the pups into this room during the day. But ugh… you want to know how I prepare this room when people come over? I turn the lights off.


Downstairs Bathroom                                            
bathroom before

Re-do round 1– I stripped the cream wallpaper that was casting a yellow tinge to everything and painted the walls and ceiling Benjamin Moore Palladian. I wanted to add some nautical charm so I decorated with a few thrift store finds. This room never really felt finished to me, so I went back this spring and re-visited it.

Guest Bathroom after

Re-do round 2- Formal reveal post with details coming soon!

guest bathroom

Upstairs Hall


The biggest update was to paint the red wall Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. The dark stained railing is a great contrast to the airy paint color. Removing the runner helped freshen up the hall and allows the beautiful light hardwoods to shine.

Upstairs Hallway After

Upstairs Hall Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom

The Master Bedroom

Master bedroom

Nothing exciting to show here- we just threw our furniture down. Eventually I will replace the window treatment and paint the trim.

master bedroom


Backyard Collage

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