Newest Family Addition: Rebel T5

Our family expanded by one this weekend.

… I got a DSLR camera.

Truth: the iPhone 6 takes really good pictures. I mean, it’s basically like a digital camera technology-wise. Having said that, I’ve been saying for a loonnnggg time (almost a year) that I would love to invest in a DSLR camera to get better blog photos and to be able to use for family events, travel, etc.

I didn’t want to make a rash decision, so I waited. And waited. And waited some more. But the feeling didn’t pass and I’ve been progressively more unhappy with how my iPhone pictures were coming out. I even got a few “professional photography” apps and a tripod for my phone, which helped a little, but still, I feel like I really can’t compete with a lot of blogs out there because of my pictures. Blogging is something I want to continue doing, even though my study/travel schedule coming up will be insane, so it really was time to make this investment.

A DSLR is absolutely an investment (part of the reason I waited so long). I am going to try to take really good care of it and hopefully I will have it for many, many years!

After patiently listening to me whine about it since last December, John nudged me to finally get a DSLR as a present to myself. Which we are roping into my Christmas present this year. Which I already don’t deserve because John got me a ruby and diamond anniversary band last month which was supposed to count for my birthday/engagement/Christmas present (for the next two years).

Love that man.

Anyway, here she is! (Clearly taken with my iPhone.)

Rebel T5

It is the Rebel T5 from Best Buy. I got the bundle that has the camera, strap, travel bag and 2 lenses. It was only $50 more than just the camera and one lense so it made sense just for the strap and bag. Eventually I would love to get the 50mm, but I think to start out I’m fine using the two lenses it came with.

Kim at NewlyWoodwards made a really really really cute strap cover.¬†Maybe I’ll learn how to turn the sewing machine that I bought 2 years ago on.¬†Maybe.

I really hope I can get the hang of using a DSLR soon so that I can bring better pictures to the blog and hopefully, more readers! (Love you Mom.)

I will definitely circle back in a few months or so and let you know how I am liking the T5 :) Feel free to comment with any tips/advice!