Cork Board Squares in the Kitchen

“Honey, have you seen my (insert random, obscure piece of paper/receipt/prescription/note here)?”

This is a pretty common request from John in our house. A lot of times, it’s just him being man-blind and practically standing on top of the thing he is looking for. But I digress.

We don’t have a good designated spot for random important papers/receipts/prescriptions/notes. We have a “to be sorted/probably important” paper pile on the counter, but I can’t tell you how many times something important has been accidentally lost or thrown out.

Actually, I can. A LOT.

I’m no stranger to maximizing cabinet door utilization, so I thought our medicine/junk cabinet in the kitchen would be the perfect spot for a cork board that we can use for the important stuff.

I had a 20% off coupon at Jo-Ann Fabrics and spent a total of $8.99 for one pack of cork squares:

cork squares

And these really cute pushpins:

push pins

I liked that they are flat and won’t poke out into the cabinet.

The cork squares even came with double sided tape so this was an easy-peasy 5 minute project.

Maximize cabinet organization by putting cork board squares inside the cabinet door. Use cute push pins to keep important papers in check!

Aren’t the push pins just adorable? I actually took a bunch into the office for my cube because you get a ridiculous amount in the pack!

Now we have a designated spot for all the important papers that come into our house. It feels great to do these mini-projects, especially when it’s something to solve a problem that has been driving me batty. I feel like with every little project finished I am closer and closer to having a completed house.

LOL JK. Like that will ever happen.