Home on the Range


I just want to take a minute to thank everyone for acting as excited about that statement as I am. Our stove has looked like this for almost 8 months now.

before range hood

If you’re new here, you can read here about why it took 6 months to get a range hood. This time around, we ordered the Windster 36″ Convertable Range Hood from Best Buy.

Range Hood Delivery

After a brief quality inspection from the pups, my very own John-of-all-trades so to speak, wasted no time in installing it for me.

Don’t worry- it’s not white! I had a small heart attack before I realized that is the protective tape.

Range Hood Installation
Installation was so simple! Since there was a range hood installed there previously, it was just a matter of turning the circuit off and attaching the electrical wires. We also just screwed the hood into the braces that were left over from the old hood. This was literally the easiest ANYTHING installation we have ever done in this house. We were expecting that something would go wrong (it wouldn’t fit, the wires would need to be replaced, the braces wouldn’t hold, something, anything). Surprisingly, this was 30 minute project, plus 15 to finish the tile, and we were actually left standing around like “Well now what do we do with the afternoon?” No complaints!
Range Hood After Installation
I tiled the backsplash all the way up which really finished the whole space off. I still have to caulk under the cabinets, but overall, it looks so much more complete! I like to wait until I have 5 caulk projects before busting out the caulk gun. Because caulk. Need I say more?
Range Hood Underneath
range hood
You can read about my methods for tiling and grouting in these posts: installing a glass subway tile backsplash and grouting a glass subway tile backsplash.
range hood

I love having a range hood so much! It’s the little things.

We leave the light on pretty much all the time and it’s great at night as an accent light.

range hood

There’s a still a little bit to finish up in this area- I need to caulk and touch up the paint. Also, I originally painted the toekicks white because I had no idea they were supposed to match the cabinets. So I need to repaint those and take up all the baseboard molding before the flooring go in. The new floor will go all the way under the stove (I never want a headache if we replace the stove someday) and finally, I conveniently cropped out the top of the upper cabinets because that is not finished either.

Baby steps, Maria. Baby steps.

Just for fun, here is a before and after of the stove (first picture from the real estate listing). You can see at the top we need to finish…

stove wall before and after