Flooring Update

Exciting things are happening around here. Exciting things, my friends.

I try to post every Sunday, but I missed last week and I have so many posts drafted with details surrounding our new flooring and other improvements to the first floor so I may do a few posts this week!

First, did I say flooring? I promised I would be back to show you the tile we selected and here it is! I ended up not going with any of the samples from Floor and Decor (and yes, they still charged my card $7 for the samples I never received…. #salty).

Instead, our contractor took us to the materials distributor he uses and we picked this stunning, dark porcelain tile.


Cannoli photo bomb.

Here it is in the showroom next to the slate tile. Almost a perfect match right?
porcelain tile next to slate

We picked a dark grout that matches the tile almost perfectly and our contractor is going to do very small grout lines- 1/6th of an inch- to create a seamless look.

They distributor let us take a sample home, so I of course moved it all around my kitchen to make sure I liked it.

porcelain tile in kitchen

Try to bring something new into my house without my dogs noticing. Try.

I loved it next to the dark pantry doors! I was nervous it would look too dark but I guess we’ll see when the whole floor gets done. The good thing about paint- I can always change it!

porcelain tile

Bad lighting, but here it is between the kitchen and the laundry room. This is how it will look at night with all the lights on.

The tile ended up being a little more than the budget I gave myself. I had wanted to stay in the $2 per sq. ft. range conservatively, but we were prepared to go over that if we found something we really loved. The tile we selected is priced at $3.03 per sq. ft. which is over our budget, but it is such a perfect match, the exact size we wanted and it’s porcelain (which was most important to us) so we pulled the trigger and ordered it this morning!

We’ve already taken down the wall between the living room and dining room (which I am so in love with and will show you once we patch the drywall!). We also started demo-ing the floors just to see what is under there and it turns out we have to do some leveling of the slab to make everything lay right.

Nothing is ever easy.

In other news- Mr. Peabody went off to his forever home with my parents, and I am so happy that he’s going to a great home and I will get to visit him often! From abandoned street cat to pampered indoor prince! I joke with John that now we have room for a new kitty in need. But… am I joking?

Mr Peabody