Laundry Room Cabinets and Storage

Hello! I’m back with an update on the laundry room- but first, Happy Father’s Day to all the human and pet dads out there! John had to run into Lowe’s for something this morning and bought himself a work light as his Father’s Day gift while he was in there! That should definitely come in handy around here ;)

Oh man is it exciting when plans you make in your head come out amazing in person. As is the case with the cabinets I mentioned in my laundry room plans here.

I shared in that post that we went with Lowe’s stock base cabinets for the wall where the metal rack used to be. This is the mock-up I made in the Ikea Kitchen Planner.

Laundry Room Cabinets

 I ordered 2 30″ cabinets/drawer combos which will be separated by an 18″ drawer unit from Lowe’s. They recently had 20% sale which I took advantage of and ordered the three cabinets and a toe-kick for about $320.

The first order of business in moving the cabinets in was to move the 80″ wire rack out.

Laundry Room Rack

I ordered this 30″ metal shelf from Amazon and John assembled it for me. It went right into the utility room which is behind the bi-fold doors in the above picture.

Utility Room Shelf

It fits perfectly and I was able to move about 90% of what was on the shelf into there. The other 10% we just moved into the dining room as it’s stuff that will eventually be stored in the cabinets. I’m so glad we can just close the door now and no one has to see all of our bulk shopping!

Then, we moved the cabinets in to the spot where the shelf was.

Laundry Room Cabinets

As you can see, they are a perfect fit.

Laundry Room Cabinets
We went with unfinished cabinets which we will either paint or stain- still undecided there.
 Laundry Room Cabinets

I think we will need to do something strategic since the cabinets are actually different doors than what is in the kitchen. These have a raised panel and the kitchen cabinets are flat. I don’t think anyone would notice, but I want to pick a paint/stain that would be complimentary to the kitchen. I have considered doing them the same gel stain I used in the kitchen but I think I want to do something more fun.

I’ll probably make a last minute decision while I’m in the paint aisle at Lowe’s. Nothing like a crunch time paint color decision to liven the process up.

I would like to at least get the cabinets painted and build the concrete countertop before the flooring gets installed. We’re going to move the cabinets for flooring and put them on top of the new floors so we wont be doing any permanent installation until then. I considered having the floor guy lay the flooring around them, but just in case we ever change our minds about them or want to move them I think it’s best to do the floors first, then cabinets.

We’ll just move them into the living room with all the other appliances when flooring goes in.

Speaking of floors, we went to the flooring warehouse with our contractor yesterday and made a decision on an awesome dark porcelain so I will have an update for you soon!

What do you think for the cabinets- paint or stain?