Knife to Meet You

The old knife storage situation had me on edge. I had reached a breaking point. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Maria could you cut it out with the knife puns?’


We were gifted an amazing set of Wusthof knives for our wedding. So amazing. Having a set of ‘grown up knives’ has been life changing. I love them so much I would marry them… if I wasn’t already married. It’s been almost two yeas and I love them just as much, if not more, as the day we got them. Seriously, you have no idea how crummy your knives are until you get a good set. The chef’s knife that came with our set is my food prep BFF.

Knife Block

(Guys, my range hood finally came and it’s awesome! Once I finish the back-splash I will show you!)

We actually got two knife sets- a set of steak knives and a 7 piece gourmet set. They have been living in the blocks they came with on our counter next to the stove.

We do not have the type of kitchen that is perpetually staged with nothing but a vase of fresh flowers and banana bread on a marble cake stand. Although I would love that. And good for you if you can keep yours like that!

Our kitchen is a workhorse. John and I don’t eat out often so we do a lot of cooking/meal prep every week. Plus, as I’m vegetarian and John isn’t, we usually have 2 meals going at once. We have appliances (that I move before taking pictures), we have cutting boards, we have knives, we have stuff.

I love the idea of being able to get just one thing off the counter. Enter the ONME 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Bar, Magnetic Knife Storage Strip, Magnetic Kitchen Knife Tool Holder, Knife Rack Strip (affiliate link). Disclosure: I did not receive the ONME Magnetic Knife holder discounted or free in exchange for writing about it. I’m telling you about it because I love it.

I ordered this baby on Sunday and, thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime, it came the next day. John helped me install it on the wall to the left of the stove. I really love how modern the stainless steel finish is. To install it you simply screw the two provided screws into either studs, or drywall anchors.

Knife Holder Base

Then, CAREFULLY, click the stainless cover onto the magnet- watch your fingers! The magnet is REALLY strong.

I ordered the 16″ one and I am so happy that every single one of my knives fit on it! Even the steak knives! Even the shears!

OMNI Knife Magnet

OMNI Knife Magent

We’ve been using this baby for a few weeks now and I am super happy with how securely my knives attach to it. I am never fussing with them or adjusting them (and as you can see, I am super particular about how I like them displayed).

For now, the blocks are going on an extended vacation to the garage because I can’t bring myself to get rid of them completely yet. Does anyone else have a knife magnet and what did you do with the original wooden blocks?