Six Months of Range Hoods

Are you tired of me saying, “A range hood is coming on xxx”, while sharing pictures of my still unfinished kitchen? Because I am tired of saying it. Really tired. No wine or NyQuil needed tired.

PantriesI’ve been having some seriously bad luck picking out a range hood, which we don’t even technically need since our stove is a downdraft. We are just getting a hood for a light and to visually balance the upper cabinet. Insult to injury here.

I ordered our first range hood from Sears back in November. Since we need a weird size (36″), I had to order online- big box stores don’t carry that size in store.

Range Hood #1


It was back ordered for a month so we waited (quite patiently, I might add). It finally came at the end of December and… John hated it. That’s the cut and dry simple truth about what happened. Totally my fault on this one. I ordered it because it was pretty reasonably priced (alright, it was cheap), but when it finally came John thought the rounded edge clashed with the modern finishes of our kitchen. Honestly, I had to agree and was never super excited about it anyway (let’s not tell him that), so back it went.

Then, I had 3 months of heavy travel for work, so I finally got around to ordering another range hood (again from Sears) in March.

Range Hood #2

image (1)

This one was a little pricier, but the lines were more angular and modern. It was John approved (!!), so I placed the order March 18th. Deja vu time- it was back ordered until April 26th. No worries, I had another travel assignment so I wouldn’t have been able to install it until then anyway.

April 26th came and went- no range whod. April 27th came and went- no range hood. April altogether came and went- no range hood.

Finally, after many, many fruitless calls with Sears, I got an email along the lines of “The order has been cancelled as the item is not available in stock”.

I. Was. Livid. They cancelled the order and never bothered to call me back (I called 7 times) to tell me why or explain what happened.

Let’s just say, it was a dark time in my life. There were some choice words exchanged between me and the customer service department. They offered me 10% off my next purchase if I wanted to pick something else- to which I said “PASS” extremely calmly and without further incident. Or something like that.

I just wanted to pick something that would look good and would actually arrive. No more messing around with “budgets” and “manufacturing lead times”. I was so upset I basically went all SCREW THE BUDGET. SCREW WAITING and ordered this one from Best Buy.

Range Hood #3

Range Hood

Yea, OK, it’s double what I wanted to spend, but I think you get what you pay for here and it definitely looks more sleek and modern than the other two I had picked. Plus, I like that the buttons are underneath and not on the top. Plus x2, if it arrives on time it will already be worth it’s weight in dollars to me.

I hope this doesn’t jinx me now… it’s scheduled for delivery May 28th which is the day after I take the Red Eye in from San Diego so THERE BETTER NOT BE ANY PROBLEMS WITH DELIVERY because the only worse than dealing with customer service is dealing with customer service on 2 hours of sleep. And hangry.