That Time I Gave Away All the Furniture

Yup. You read that right. You may have noticed (or not, because I cropped out most of the room) in my post about painting the red accent wall that the formal living room looked a little empty.

Formal Living Room

We’ve been in this house for 2 years and I’m still so confused by this room. We call it the formal living room but I don’t honestly know that we need a formal living room ? It’s kind of a catch-all at the moment or “project overflow” room. When we worked on the kitchen we took full advantage of the floor to ceiling shelves and used them to hold all our dishes.

Since our house is in a constant state of renovation, this room works hard for us. Over the past few months we’ve been organizing, working to wrap up projects before starting new ones and getting rid of stuff. So much stuff everywhere. I hate stuff. In 2 years alone we  have ended up buying the same thing twice so many times because we forget where we put the first thing we bought or tools go missing in plain sight in the piles of stuff.

I’ve been going through our belongings like a crazy person over the last month or so. Whatever I can sell, I have sold (thanks to Craigslist, Facebook and Poshmark). Everything else we have donated or gotten rid of. John has even been working in the garage and doing the same organization/decluttering out there. He even found my beloved multi-tool we swore was gone forever!

The furniture in here used to be in our living room, but when we bought the sectional two years ago it got moved into the formal living room. I’m sad to say it didn’t hold up well against my menagerie.

formal living room

The dogs used the sofa and armchair as trampolines. They would sit on the top cushion and watch the world go by. They also like to chase each other and jump on and off the armchair. I was honestly shocked when I took a good look at the furniture. For 30 lbs of dog combined they sure did some damage!

formal living room

We also had a lot of books that we had accumulated (Accounting Theory 1 + 2 why am I holding on to you?) or had been given from family that we didn’t want/need and were just taking up space. One night when John was out with some friends, I got antsy and started sorting through the books. Well, one thing led to another and I threw out/donated so much extra stuff from the shelves. They look pretty empty now, but I’m going to start thinking about how I want to decorate these. I really don’t wan’t to go with “a bunch of random junk that doesn’t match”. I feel like I need a theme, which as of right now I’m liking blue and metals (silver, gold, brass, rose gold).

formal living room

My burst of energy carried me far enough to list the old furniture as “free” on Craigslist, not really thinking anyone would want our smelly, dog destroyed furniture. Within 10 minutes I had someone lined up to come take the sofa, armchair, footrest and coffee table.

formal living room

The coffee table was something I found in the trash and added tile to the top. It looked like it was something I found in the trash and added tile to the top. It was definitely time to say goodbye.

The oriental rug we inherited with the house- thank you so much previous homeowners! It’s a really awesome rug (who knew oriental rugs would could back in style) but it does still have an odd smell to it. The old owners of our house had four German Shepherds and I’m not sure if it already smelled funny when we got here, or if our two dogs and two cats had anything to do with it (as if my angels would do that!). I’ve cleaned it with a carpet cleaner but it still has a lingering smell. I’m going to take this opportunity since there is no furniture in there to have it professionally cleaned which will hopefully get rid of that.

Gave Away All Furniture

Captain Crunch photo bomb.

So, now we have a more organized and much cleaner formal living room with no furniture HAH! Since I have no idea what I want this space to be and we rarely use it, I’m not concerned. For now, it’s more space for the treadmill and the dogs are enjoying the extra indoor space for activities like crafting and meditation. As if.