Kitchen Organization

Hello and Happy 2016!

In the spirit of starting the year off on the right foot, we decided to reassess our kitchen organization situation…. or lack thereof. I want to share some of my favorite new products that we used in the kitchen.

Note: We did not partner with, nor we were given discounted/free materials from any of the companies/products mentioned in this post, however, this post contains affiliate links.

Kitchen Organization- Tips and Tricks to creating a functional and organized kitchen

As our kitchen has been in almost a constant state of change since we moved here in April 2014, I can’t say I have spent a whole lot of time organizing and giving everything a proper home. I’ve either been shuffling everything to one side of the kitchen as needed, or the entire contents of the kitchen have been stacked in the dining room/living room while we did more in depth renovations.

When we finally put the kitchen back together after finishing the backsplash, I started to notice that we had a lot of room for improvement in the organization department. We have two pantries on either side of the stove (still waiting on my range hood- back-ordered… woof).


In the left pantry we keep cleaning supplies, some tools and other orphan things that don’t have a home. We also keep our trash can in here since a certain pup has a tendency to knock over the trash can and throw garbage all over the house. 

The cleaning supplies pantry has always been particularly frightening. I have a bad habit of throwing any loose items in there and pretending they don’t exist. Yea, I said it. I’m going to share some before photos throughout this post and everyone has to to promise not to judge me.
Cleaning Pantry BeforePretty scary right? It was just not working for us.

I threw the baskets in there with good intentions but eventually they started overflowing. I could never find anything and there was so much junk in there, both our stuff and left over from previous owners, or stuff we just didn’t need anymore. I decided use an over the door shoe hanger to organize some of the cleaning products we use frequently. I bought this Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer with 20 Pockets (Grey) (affiliate link) from Amazon for $9.95 since it was the right width for our pantry (the maximum width our doors can hold is 20″).


After some purging and some straightening, I now have a much more manageable cleaning pantry! We kept the baskets for lesser used cleaning products and those orphan items with no homes. We still kept a shelf for things like screws, drywall anchors, drills bits, etc. that we use frequently. I really like that the “shoe holder” part is fabric and I can hide random stuff in the pockets. We have zip ties, bug spray and flashlights in there too! Hoarders for the win. 

The right side pantry we actually use for food. However, there was a lot of stuff in there that I know we hadn’t used in a while and was definitely expired (so bad, I know). I also keep serving dishes and my paper-ware in this pantry. Here’s another before picture. As you can see it was pretty packed.


For this one I bought the ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack, 18-Inch (affiliate link) from Amazon for $36.99. I threw out a lot of stuff and tried to organize the shelves with like-items. This may be one of my most favorite things we have ever bought. I love it so much! It’s super useful to put the things that you always need right on the door instead of them getting buried behind stuff every time you go shopping.


To hang both of these, John used these E-Z Ancor 1 in. Hollow Door and Drywall Anchors (25-Pack) (affiliate link) which were awesome because you don’t need a drill to install them.


He also reinforced the ClosetMaid rack with some washers we had. This is not necessary, but since we wanted to store heavy items on here we figured it couldn’t hurt.

Finally, I tackled my overflowing spice cabinet. Oh my goodness guys look how messy that is!! Sometimes it felt like it would take me longer to find a spice than making the meal- eek.

For this one I bought these Bellemain Spice Gripper Clip Strips – Set of 3, Holds 12 Jars (affiliate link) from Amazon for $7.95. They come with little 3M strips stuck to the back of them, however I had John install them with the little screws that came with them.


The way this cabinet is configured, I only had enough space for two rows of spice clips which was slightly sad, but I love the two so much it kind of makes up for it. I might find a home for the third row somewhere else! I had so many multiples of spices and ones that were either expired/never used (are you sensing a theme here?).

If there ever comes I time where I say I need cinnamon, I do NOT.

After getting rid of doubles, I then used some leftover baskets I had laying around to organize the lesser used spices. Now they won’t be rolling around that cabinet wreaking havoc and making is messy again.

I still have a few more cabinets to get through, but it feels so nice to at least have these in order!/

Is anyone else doing any major ‘new year’ purging and organizing?