I Need A Re-Do

I broke the news to John.

The news no husband with any type of handyman skills ever wants to hear.

It went better than I thought it would, but I did have to beg. A lot. And promise to do as much work as I can by myself.

I want to re-do a room we already re-did.

Yes, the perfectly fine guest bathroom (and by extension, guest bedroom) we just “finished” a little over a year ago. Before you pass judgement, let me explain.

In June of 2014, we were doing some spring cleaning. John went around to the front of the house decided to spray out some of the overgrown flower beds. We have a spigot right in the front of the house (on the outside wall of the guest bathroom) that was more convenient for him to use than running a hose from the garage. John noticed the spigot was covered in duct tape, but he assumed it was taped like that in an attempt to winterize it. The previous home-owners hadn’t mentioned anything about it, so he just took the tape off and plugged the hose in. About 20 minutes later, I started hearing some weird noises coming from the guest bathroom. At this point I decided to investigate and, to my horror, I found that water was COMING THROUGH THE WALL in the guest bathroom and had completely flooded the bathroom/bedroom. Not trickling, I mean full on gushing through the wall as if the hose was aimed directly into the room. Here are some pictures. Sorry for the poor quality, this was very far pre-blog and I had the worst phone ever at the time.

Guest Bathroom Flooding

The damage was pretty bad. The carpet was completely soaked through and there was no way we would have ever been able to dry it out fast enough before it started getting moldy. We immediately ripped it up. Not only that, but we had to have a plumber come out and replace the broken pipe that caused the damage. At some point, a hose was left on the spigot during the winter (never, ever leave your hoses attached in the winter!) which caused the interior pipe to freeze and crack. Instead of replacing it, the previous home-owners just taped off the spigot and never used it again.

That would have been awesome to know.

So now we had ruined carpet, holes all over the place from fixing the pipe and damaged drywall from the water. We opted at that point (grudgingly) to make the guest bedroom/bathroom our first room re-do. Even though it was outdated, it had been perfectly livable and there were only 8 million other things we could have spent our time and money on. Welcome to home ownership am I right?

After addressing the flood and fixing drywall, we painted the walls in the guest bedroom Benjamin Moore Harbor Grey, added a ceiling fan (seriously, how do people live with no overhead lighting?), DIYed the nightstands from IKEA Rasts, and laid new laminate wood-look flooring.

Guest Bedroom Collage


In retrospect, we should have just gone with carpet (this room echos a lot, but I should probably buy an area rug anyway), but the laminate was only $100 to do the whole room and this was a few months after we had spent our entire life savings buying the house and a few months before our wedding. I can always go back and add carpet that matches the living room when we get around to that. The flooring does look awesome, and in a room that gets minimal use (we don’t have guests over that often) it serves its current purpose.

 In the bathroom, I stripped the wallpaper, painted the dark floor grout white, and paint bombed the entire thing Benjamin Moore Palladian. Overall, the space made a huge improvement.


bathroom before


Guest Bathroom after

Palldian is quite possibly one of my favorite Benjamin Moore colors of all time. My very dear friend Kate used it in her nursery and it’s absolutely gorgeous against white trim and in a room with natural lighting. However, this window-less 5×6 bathroom just wasn’t the place for it. The overall effect is a little… sad. Every time I open the door I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of WOMP WOOOMP. It definitely did not come out bad, it just did not come out amazing. I need amazing.

You can see below how much darker and more over-bearing it reads in our bathroom versus in Kate’s nursery. Granted, we definitely need to add better lighting in this room, however I think the lack of natural light just kills the gorgeous blue undertones of Palladian. It reads ‘sad greyish mint’ in our bathroom. And this folks, is why you test paint colors. Side note: Aren’t her pups Penny and Vada the cutest?


Here’s another picture of Palladian in Kate’s nursery room. The lighting is different, but I think you can definitely see how differently it reads.

Benjamin Moore Palladian

Surprisingly, when I told John about my plans, his first reaction was, “I never liked that green paint anyway”. Well… it wasn’t supposed to be green, but PHEW!

Another problem, since the toilet is almond, I opted to paint the baseboard heaters almond and use almond caulk along the almond-flecked vanity. Yup, there’s a lot of almond going on in here. The vanity is so far from the wall that I had to do the caulk extremely chunky and I’ve never been happy with it.


 As it was our first renovation, we definitely made a few mistakes, such as not using spackle in the corners before painting. It was also the first room we used our paint sprayer on, and we learned the importance of vacuuming construction dust before using a sprayer.

PicMonkey Collage

I can’t be the first person ever in the history of DIY to go back after becoming a little more “seasoned” and think…. what was I thinking?

These rooms have sat like this for a while. In my heart I was so unhappy with the bathroom and by extension, the bedroom, that there was no point in investing any more energy into them until I could admit it was time to re-do.

So, in an effort to both motivate myself and contain projects to one area at a time, I’ve decided I will not start any new renovation projects in 2016 (I’m coming for you Laundry Room) until the guest bedroom and bathroom are absolutely, 100% cooked, done, not touching anything else ever again, finished. However, I am going to allow myself to continue with finishing touches on the kitchen- my range hood finally came in!

In the guest bedroom, I just want to finish it up. There are so many loose ends! I want to change out and paint the closet bi-fold doors, beef up the bedding, change the window treatment, frame the AC unit in trim, frame the window and buy an area rug.

In the guest bathroom, I want to go in a completely different direction. Something a little out of my comfort zone… we are also going to do it the way we should have done it the first time and replace the almond vanity top and toilet with white ones.

Stay tuned! I’m working on a mood board for the bathroom. Maybe if I actually have a plan things will go a little better this time ;) Maybe…