DIY Succulent Terrariums

One of my goals in life is to have more house plants.

I love the idea of having a plant in every room but, I also know that with my travel schedule it’s a miracle I come home to my animals still alive, let alone plants. One time I came home from a regular work day and asked why the dog didn’t have water. John looked me dead in the eye and said “I didn’t know she needed water.” 

Enter succulents. They literally do not need water (regularly).

DIY Succulent Terrariums

I have had this urn planter for a few years now and anything I plant in immediately dies because there’s no drainage at the bottom. At the beginning of the summer I was going to ask John to drill some holes in it, but instead I planted some succulents in it. It’s being doing so well that I have very high hopes for its survival. I’m going to try to bring it inside this winter if my butthead cats don’t kill it.

Succulent Planter Front Porch

It requires no watering. We don’t get too much rain in Pennsylvania, but I even leave it out during thunderstorms and it seems to be doing fine. From this experiment I learned I can, in fact, entirely neglect succulents and they thrive!

I pulled the trigger and opted to DIY a few terrariums to have inside. Since it was such a beautiful day today (in the  60’s this morning!), I took my supplies outside for this project. I smell pumpkin spice everything season approaching!

Last weekend I saw these cute glass bowls at HomeGoods. They were basically screaming We are terrariums!! Make us pretty!! I don’t like being yelled at so I immediately put them in my cart and made them mine.

 I especially love the one with silver accents because the opening is very small and I’m hoping this deters any kitty heads from going in there and nibbling on the leaves. The one of the left was $16.99 and the one on the right was $4.99. I’m sure you can find these at any old thrift store or Ikea for cheaper than that.

Terrariums for Succulents (HomeGoods)

I stopped at our local plant nursery this morning and just grabbed whatever they had that I thought would work. Our local Lowe’s does not carry succulents so I’m always at the mercy of the one local nursery that does (we live in Pennsatuckey y’all). Today it was slim pickings, so I grabbed a Blue Eschevria since I know for a fact this one is non-toxic to cats. I also grabbed an Agave and a few other un-labelled ones (please email me/comment if you know the names!). I’m hoping the prickles on the Agave prevent the cats from eating it, but from my research Agave is only mildly toxic to cats. I’m definitely going to monitor it.


I did a small layer of pebbles (also from the nursery) and used regular old potting soil. This is exactly what I did for the outside planter and since it has lasted so well I figured I would just do the exact same thing and hope it works again! I know a lot of tutorials tell you to use activated charcoal and cactus potting mix- but I didn’t want to add another stop to my errands this morning. I just grabbed what I always grab from the nursery. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

I spent $22 at the nursery and that included a 40lb bag of potting mix and a 40lb bag of pebbles. I’m just going to put the extra in our shed for next year. If you already have an extra glass jar and a little potting mix laying around this is definitely a project you can do for $10 or so!


Truth be told, the succulents are probably a little too tall for my terrariums, but I don’t mind the look of the plants sticking out a bit. Even if they grow and completely take over the space I can always re-plant them and try again.

This is DIY not the DIY Network. 

Succulents 2

Like I said, it was slim picking at the nursery. Even the Blue Eschevria was the very last one and looks kinda sad- but I’m hoping it will come back to life!

FullSizeRender (7)

I left a lot of room for the succulents to grow (they can get huge). I was tempted to put a little dinosaur or Hotwheels car in there for fun to fill in the space. Of course I couldn’t find anything laying around today. Whenever I’m not looking I find to most random things that John brings home. (John is m husband, not my child for any new readers.)

While I was at it I planted the agave in a plain white planter from Ikea and an adorable copper planter from an antique shop. Fact: I do not know where all of these are going yet! I’m just going to leave them overnight outside to let the potting mix dry out a bit.

Agave Plants in pots

I’m hoping to have an update on the kitchen up by the end of this weekend! Maybe a terrarium will make it’s new home on the open shelving! Enjoy the weather this weekend :)