Dining Room Updates


With the never-ending kitchen renovation still kind of going, I figured I can at least share a partial room reveal in the dining room. At this point, the space is completely done except for new flooring (coming this fall) and much needed decorating.

Full disclosure: we eat in the living room.

Maybe it’s because we don’t have kids, but John and I typically eat in front of the TV.

Please don’t tell my mother. I grew up in a house where you only ate at the counter or in the dining room and I swear my mom had a sixth sense for stray crumbs and always knew when you didn’t.

Here’s a before picture of the dining room on the day we moved in. The old owners left a giant granite table that I tried to give away on Craigslist for free but John had a fit (true story), lime green window treatments, plastic sconces, and of course, magenta carpet.


Here it is today.

Dining Room painted in Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey

Disclaimer: All product opinions expressed in this post are solely mine. I was not compensated in any way by the companies mentioned in this post. I will only write about and attach links to products we actually use! 

We started by painting the ceiling in Benjamin Moore Simply White mixed in Olympic One ceiling flat. I’m really happy with the ceiling flat and will probably be doing the rest of my house in this sheen instead of eggshell.

Then, we toned down the paint color slightly with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey mixed in Valspar Signature eggshell paint. I went back and forth between Edgocomb Grey and Revere Pewter (the darker shade on the swatch) up until the moment I bought the paint. I went with Edgecomb because of how bright and airy it looked on my walls. It’s definitely the perfect greige for this house (even though according to Pinterest, Revere Pewter is the perfect greige ever!). It’s an absolutely stunning color that doesn’t read grey, but also doesn’t read tan. It’s hard to describe, but it’s truly a beautiful color and kudos to whoever created it! I unfortunately cannot find the picture I took of the swatches- but if I do, I will upload them here.

I went with Valspar because I actually used this same color mixed in Olympic One for the staircase and it took 3 coats! I was super disappointed and opted to try Valspar since it was a little pricier. It only took ONE coat to cover the dining room so I will definitely be using Valspar from now on.

The sconces we replaced with these Hammered Nickel Sconces from Shades of Light. They were $69 each so they didn’t break the bank, however, I was a little taken aback by the $30 shipping charge. It was a little bit of a womp moment, but since Lowe’s and Home Depot don’t carry anything similar, I went ahead and ordered them. 

 I am slightly obsessed with them and may or may not night kiss them goodnight every evening. Just look at them against the greige paint. Swoon.

Hammered Metal Scones from Shades of Light

My original thought was to get rid of the scones altogether and do a nice chandelier over the dining room table. You know, like normal dining rooms. But I love the bay window and it provides most of the light to adjoining living room so I opted to just replace the sconces instead of blocking any natural light from the bay window. Now that they are installed and are such an update, I don’t even think we will miss having a hanging light in this room.

Finally, I hung Ikea Lenda curtains in white. I was not sure about these in the store but I am ecstatic with how they look in this room. I went with plain white since it’s my perpetual goal to make this house as bright as possible to balance against our dark cabinets and furniture. I may decide to change them up to something with a pattern, but especially with the pink carpet, I think they look great for now. I hung them high and wide which instantly makes any window look bigger.

Here is the second window in the dining room. It actually isn’t any bigger than what you see but by hanging the curtains high and wide it gives the illusion of a much bigger window (I think!). Just don’t ever look behind those curtains because I hung them myself while John was out so there are 48 drill holes hidden behind those things. I’m just going to call this room Oz. “Don’t look behind the curtain!!”

Hang curtains high and wide to create the illusion of a bigger window- great tip!

I have no idea what that dangly wire is so just pretend it isn’t there! Obviously, the buffet table needs decorating other than the brass bear who I call Richard and is once of my favorite thrift store finds ever. The painting was a gift from my parents and was done by a local artist. I think the colors work against the neutral walls but I may switch it up when this room progresses a bit more.

And because I can’t leave leave without addressing the elephant… er, seahorses, in the room…

The chairs I absolutely plan on refinishing and reupholstering! Even though the seashells are growing on me and cater to my love of all things nautical and beach related. I bought them off Craigslist for $70. I love the retro shape and think when they are done they will look updated, while still reminiscent of the 70’s so they should fit right in! I try to buy furniture that has great bones and can easily be refinished. My goal is to have them done by Christmas, but we’ll see if that happens or not!

dining room chairs

That’s it for dining room updates! I’m so happy it’s essentially finished as far as we can take it. We are having someone come in to lay flooring in September/October and I’m excited to see how much farther we come by then.

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Thanks for reading!